Instructors & Staff

Voice, Piano

Abby began studying guitar at just four years old.  At age nine, she fell in love with writing music and started recording songs by the time she was eleven.  She officially began her pursuit of a professional music career in her early teens.  She studied under the guidance of her father and other influential instructors, many of which emphasized a focus on jazz theory and technique.  During her middle and high school years she was enrolled in classical guitar courses in addition to participating as a flutist in her elementary through high school bands.


MA in Cello Performance | Cello, Viola, Violin

Ali officially began their musical journey at the age of eight when they followed in their aunt’s footsteps and picked up the flute.  All of the musicians in their family were either vocalists or band musicians but Ali broke the mould by choosing to play the violin in the 5th grade.  At age 13, they switched to the cello and moved to San Diego.  Down in San Diego, they worked under an enjoyable and high-achieving orchestra director.  They participated in the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and attended music camps where they were able to study under accomplished string players.

BA in Vocal Performance | Voice, Piano

Alyssa has been working as a professional musician for over 10 years. She attended San Francisco State University for her undergraduate degree, studying jazz voice under jazz pianist/vocalist Dr. Dee Spencer. She finished out her schooling at Fresno State, emphasizing in vocal performance.

During her time in San Fransisco, Alyssa performed as a solo vocalist, along with Afro-Cuban ensembles, the San Francisco Latin youth ensemble, and various other jazz trios and quartets. Alyssa has performed in exclusive clubs and jazz lounges throughout the Bay Area, including The Battery SF and Yoshi’s.

Owner, Teacher

Born and raised in New York, Andrew began his musical journey at age 11, when he received a brand new electric guitar for his birthday.  Inspired by iconic groups such as Green Day, Nirvana and Metallica, he formed his own rock bands throughout junior high and high school, performing regularly at local shows.  After graduating high school, Andrew moved to Montreal, Canada.  He made a living playing for 8-10 hours a day in the subway station and attended classes at Concordia University.  He then moved back to New York where he obtained his degree in Music Theory and Composition. 

AA in Music | Violin

Inspired by her grandmother’s antique instrument, Anne decided that the violin would be her instrument of choice.  She began playing in the fifth grade and became the concertmaster of her orchestra her freshman year of high school.  She maintained that position through her senior year.  Simultaneously, she was a member of CODA (California Orchestra Director Association) all four years as well as performed in small groups. She has traveled in a quartet, performing at various house-shows and restaurants, and is a violinist for local weddings and events.  She received her Associates of Arts degree in music from College of the Sequoias and is an active violinist for the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra.


BA in Piano Performance | Piano

Ben showed a natural love for music at an early age. He remembers pacing up and down in front of the piano begging to hear his favorite songs. His parents enrolled him in private piano lessons at the age of five, and he continued playing throughout his childhood. He performed for his high school graduation before moving on to college. Ben says that music helped him through rough patches and built up his confidence. Due to his skill level and personal connection, he decided to pursue music professionally and obtained his degree in Piano Performance from Cornell College.

Guitar, Percussion

Carlos is a talented musician and music educator at Grace Note Music Studio with a lifelong passion for music. His musical journey began during his early teen years when he fell in love with the guitar and picked up percussion shortly after. Inspired by performers like Santana and watching his uncles play mariachi and rock and blues styles, Carlos and his siblings formed their own band, Mezcal, which is still successful and active today.

BA in Jazz Studies | Trumpet, Piano, Drums

Chase grew up in a household full of music. His grandparents and father all played instruments and he and his siblings were encouraged to do the same. Chase chose the trumpet as his first instrument and began lessons at the age of eight. Two years later, he began lessons on the piano. He played trumpet with his public school bands from 5th-12th grade, sitting first chair, and performing in TKMEA honor groups all eight years and playing in all three, marching, jazz and concert bands. It was in high school that he developed a passion for jazz, which he would go on to study during his college years. In addition to his music classes at school, he learned to play the drums and formed bands with friends while maintaining his piano lessons. Immediately after graduating high school, Chase transferred to Cal State Northridge where he obtained his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele | Guitar Technician

Chris began playing both the acoustic and electric guitar at the age of 11.  He started lessons in his home under the guidance of his father, before taking formal lessons with accomplished guitarist, Mel Miller.  These classes gave Chris a strong technical foundation and helped build diverse repertoire; by the time he was 12, he was playing in his church’s worship band and was the guitarist for his middle school’s jazz band.  At age 17, Chris performed at his first international conference, playing in front of an audience of 7,000 in Mexico.

BA in Vocal Performance | Voice, Piano

Christian first started his musical journey at an after-school guitar program in Selma, CA. He then went on to join the high school choir his freshman year; over the four years that he participated in his school choir, he developed a passion for music education and decided he wanted to become a choir teacher. He credits much of this decision to his high school choir instructor, who inspired his love for singing and teaching. 

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

David is a highly skilled guitarist and music instructor whose passion for hard rock and heavy metal music is evident in his incredible talent and dedication to the craft. Inspired by legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, David has achieved great success in his music career, touring the nation with various rock bands and recording multiple albums and tracks along the way. Currently based in Austin, Texas, David proudly serves as the lead guitarist for Heavy Velvet, a band that seamlessly blends blues and soul with gritty rock, creating a unique and powerful sound that captivates audiences everywhere.

BA in Music Education | Accordion, Banjo, Orchestra

Dennis began studying music at an early age when his grandfather encouraged him to pick up the accordion. Since then, Dennis has evolved into a talented, multi-instrumentalist and gifted music instructor. Dennis received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Fresno State University and has spent over 30 years serving as a music instructor in central California.

BA in Music Composition | Voice, Piano

As a toddler, Drew began picking out tunes by ear on his family piano.  By the first grade, his parents formally enrolled him in private lessons with pianist Dr. Steve Mento.  Drew continued to play throughout his childhood and, in addition to the piano, began studying saxophone in the fourth grade.  He served as the pianist for his sixth grade music performance after the instructor was injured and could not play, as well as acted as the accompanist for his high school choir.  As Drew grew in his musicianship, he began booking professional gigs for weddings, private parties and local yacht clubs.  He realized that he wanted to pursue a full-time career in music and, being an avid songwriter since age eleven, he enrolled at the University of the Arts where he received his BA in Music Composition.


Heidi is a dedicated and enthusiastic piano instructor here at Grace Note Music Studio.  With over 15 years of experience, Heidi brings both knowledge and passion to her teaching.  She studied piano throughout high school and college, and her love for the instrument is infectious.  Heidi enjoys teaching beginning students and helping them develop a love for music that will last a lifetime.

In addition to her work at Grace Note, Heidi has a background in music education, having previously served as a music educator in Porterville, Ca.  She is well-versed in a variety of musical genres, including worship music, pop, classical, indie, and broadway tunes.  She is an avid performer, playing the piano in various settings, including churches, bands, and as a soloist and accompanist.

Guitar, Ukulele

Isaac grew up listening to his grandfather playing the guitar.  Inspired by his grandpa’s love for the instrument, he picked up the guitar at an early age.  The instruction from his cousins combined with his ambition and determination led Isaac to becoming a guitarist at the young age of 14 years old.  He joined his church’s worship band, where he has continuously served as the standing guitarist.  Isaac has toured as a church group musician and has directed multiple youth guitar camp programs where he trained young musicians.

BA in Piano Performance | Mandolin, Banjo

Jacob is a multi-talented musician who received his BA in Composition from Fresno Pacific University, with a focus on exploring a variety of instruments. Throughout his college years, Jacob honed his skills on instruments such as the violin, piano, and bass, with a special affinity for the piano. He also mastered the banjo and mandolin, showcasing his versatility and passion for music.

Studio Coordinator

Jordan serves as the dedicated studio manager and coordinator of Grace Note Music Studio. She takes great pride in organizing student recitals, community events, and managing the busy schedules of both our students and instructors. Jordan’s passion for music education is evident in her work, and her ultimate goal is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for everyone at the studio.

BA in Music Education | Voice, Piano

Kaycee began singing at an early age.  At the age of thirteen, she enrolled in vocal lessons and went on to join her high school choir where she truly fell in love with the craft.  She studied classical styles, which she particularly enjoyed, and performed in various musicals. It was during her junior year of high school that she decided she wanted to become a music educator. Kaycee received her degree in Music Education with Vocal Emphasis from Fresno Pacific University. 

Music Major | Piano

Nadia’s journey with music began at the young age of four when she started taking piano and vocal classes. Her dedication and talent quickly led to her participating in and winning 1st place in numerous recitals. She continued to hone her skills and eventually joined a band called The Dusty Roses, performing in venues across Los Angeles and recording albums.


Music Major | Bassoon, Viola, Piano

Growing up as the only musician in her family, Rae discovered her love for the guitar in the 3rd grade, sparking a lifelong journey in music. Transitioning to strings in the 4th grade, Rae excelled in violin and viola before expanding her skills to include flute and bassoon. Her talent for composition blossomed in the 7th grade, leading her to pursue a professional career in music and inspiring her to help others discover their own musical potential.

MA in Violin Performance | Violin, Viola

Ricky began playing the violin at ten years old when he joined his elementary school’s orchestra.  After eight years of maintaining a place in the top three chairs of his section, he decided to take his education to the next level.  After high school, he earned his Bachelors Degree in music from Fresno State University before entering the graduate’s program where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Violin Performance. He has served as a violinist for the College of the Sequoias Symphony Orchestra, Fresno State Symphony Orchestra, and Fresno State String Quartet.  He is an active musician for the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra.  

Viola, Violin

Sarai began studying piano at just five years old. By the age of eight, she discovered her passion for string instruments, favoring the viola for its rich, warm tone. She played viola throughout her high school years, participating in competitions such as CODA from 2009-2012. She earned her Associate of Arts Degree in music and is almost finished with her bachelors degree in Viola Performance at Fresno State University.  She has served as a musician for the Fresno State Symphony Orchestra and Fresno State Quartet, and is a current member of the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra

Student Violin

Tara was naturally drawn to the violin at four years old when her parents would play videos of symphony orchestras on the television. She began her musical journey at the age of 6 with private lessons, and quickly excelled in her studies, earning a spot in the advanced orchestra by fourth grade. Tara currently holds the first chair position in her school’s intermediate orchestra and is an active member of the College of the Sequoias Symphony Orchestra and TKMEA.  Her talent and hard work have been recognized with two wins at the Tulare-Kings County Violin Competition, showcasing her exceptional skill and dedication to her craft.

Guitar, Ukulele

Growing up, Thomas always wanted to be a guitarist.  Like many, he would pick up the guitar off and on many times over the years never ended up progressing as quickly as he wanted. It wasn’t until well into his adult life that he decided to give the guitar another try. This time around, he knew not to become frustrated when it wasn’t an overnight success, and grew to appreciate the patience and discipline that is developed through the learning-process. Once he had a firm grasp on the fundamentals, he began studying complex classical and flamenco styles, working independently and under accomplished Spanish guitarist, Peter Orozco Corrall. Thomas has now been playing the guitar for 25 years.  He has opened for larger names, such as Richard Smith, but prefers the more intimate setting of coffeehouses and private parties. He enjoys writing original music and has recorded two albums under the performing name, “Slugfingers”. 

BA in Music Education | Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

When the accompanist for her father’s church unexpectedly quit, ten year old Tiffany stepped up to the challenge. Motivated by the encouragement and guidance from her father, Tiffany quickly learned to play and sing by ear, becoming the church’s lead worship director. Simultaneously, she studied and played the saxophone in her school bands, giving technical ability to an already natural talent. Tiffany went on to achieve her associates degree in Saxophone Performance at College of the Sequoias and during her years there was twice nominated to play for the Northern California Collegiate Honor Band. She then transferred to Fresno State University where she received her Bachelors degree in Instrumental Music Education, majoring in Saxophone Performance and minoring in Vocal Performance.

BA in Piano Performance | Piano

Treasa’s passion for music and dedication to piano began in high school, where she discovered her love for the instrument and started taking private lessons. Her talent was evident when she served as the pianist for her school musical, Sound of Music, during her junior year. This experience inspired her to pursue her piano studies more seriously.


Cello, Student Violin, Student Piano

Zac began playing the cello at age 11 when he joined his 5th grade orchestra.  While his friends were picking shiny brass instruments and snare drums, Zac was instantly drawn to the sounds of the stringed instruments.  He would go onto play cello in his school orchestras until he graduated high school.  During high school, he placed into the advanced orchestra and served as 1st chair.  Zac earned the National School Orchestra Award his senior year, a prestigious award granted to one deserving student.  He has also earned many scholarships and awards through the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra and has been studying under cello maestro, Dr. Valerie Walden for the last several years.