Performance & Community

Live Music Fundraiser | Visalia, Ca

Band Together is a heartwarming collaborative event that brings together numerous talented musicians from Grace Note Music Studio for a cause that truly resonates with the community. This uplifting gathering serves as a powerful platform not only to showcase the diverse talents of our musicians but also to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 

Visalia’s Christmas Parade | Annually

Grace Note Music Studio is a proud 1st place winner of the Holiday Spirit Award for Best Float.  Join us as we come together to celebrate the spirit of the season and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Live Music and Wine Tasting | Visalia, Ca

Downtown businesses and shops welcome you in with tasty wine and even some yummy food!  Come by our Main Street location to hear live music and sip some wine. 

Live Performance • Free • All Ages | 2nd Tuesday 

Open Mic at Barrelhouse is the 2nd Tuesday of every month. The event is free, open to the public, and a great opportunity to perform in front of others.

Show Your Pride this October | Visalia, Ca

At Grace Note Music Studio, we proudly participate in Pride Visalia, bringing our instruments and enthusiastic staff to join in the celebration of love, acceptance, and diversity. Set against the backdrop of a lively public event featuring food and various vendors, our presence adds a harmonious touch to the festivities. From engaging musical performances to interactive instrument demonstrations, we create a vibrant atmosphere where everyone can join in the fun. 

Performance Opportunity for All Students | Quarterly

At Grace Note Music Studio, we believe in celebrating the progress and achievements of our students through our quarterly student recitals. These special events showcase the incredible talent and dedication of our music students, regardless of age or experience level. From beginners taking their first steps on their musical journey to seasoned performers honing their craft, our recitals provide a supportive and encouraging environment for everyone to shine. 

Free • All Ages • All Arts | October, Annually

Taste The Arts is an annual festival presented by the Arts Consortium — the official arts council of Tulare County. This annual event in downtown Visalia is a celebration of the rich cultural and artistic heritage of our community.

The Central Valley is known for the diverse crops grown in our area. This diversity also attracts a broad spectrum of cultures to our region, each with its own distinctive arts and traditions. Taste The Arts celebrates this multi-cultural background with an event just as unique!

Painted Pianos for the Public | Visalia, Ca

Introducing the Visalia Piano Project, a harmonious endeavor aimed at bringing the joy of music to every corner of our community. Our mission is simple: to enrich the cultural fabric of Visalia by making pianos readily accessible for public enjoyment.