Bassoon, Viola, Piano

Growing up as the only musician in her family, Rae discovered her love for the guitar in the 3rd grade, sparking a lifelong journey in music. Transitioning to strings in the 4th grade, Rae excelled in violin and viola before expanding her skills to include flute and bassoon. Her talent for composition blossomed in the 7th grade, leading her to pursue a professional career in music and inspiring her to help others discover their own musical potential.

Throughout high school and college, Rae immersed herself in symphonies, orchestras, and bands, honing her skills on multiple instruments. A highlight of her music career was composing and conducting an original piece for the El Diamonte Advanced Orchestra for her senior project. As a music major at College of the Sequoias, Rae further expanded her repertoire by learning to play the piano and finding inspiration in the Romantic era for her compositions. Currently, she plays viola in the COS Symphony and bassoon in both the COS Symphonic Band and Community Band, as well as lends her talents to local productions.

As a music instructor at Grace Note Music Studio, Rae brings her experience and passion for music to her students. Drawing from a combination of method bookwork and repertoire, she instills a solid foundation in music fundamentals while encouraging her students to explore their own musical interests and talents. Trained by both public school education and private instruction, Rae’s expertise and dedication have earned her high praise from master musicians, making her a trusted mentor for beginning students embarking on their own musical journey.