Guitar, Drums

Carlos is a talented musician and music educator at Grace Note Music Studio with a lifelong passion for music. His musical journey began during his early teen years when he fell in love with the guitar and picked up percussion shortly after. Inspired by performers like Santana and watching his uncles play mariachi and rock and blues styles, Carlos and his siblings formed their own band, Mezcal, which is still successful and active today.

Carlos self-taught on guitar and percussive instruments until his formal training began in early adulthood. He was a performer and entertainer at an early age and, as his musicality developed, he began incorporating Latin and African influences into his music.  This meant learning how to effectively utilize timbales, bongos, and congas in various Afro-Cuban styles. Carlos spent time traveling to Los Angeles to take private classes with master percussionists and went on to study abroad in Guinea, West Africa to master various techniques.

Carlos spent a summer at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, an experience that inspired him to value the formalities of music education and opened his eyes to higher-level learning and musicianship.  Carlos implemented music courses into his curriculum in California and graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts.  He has continued to pursue his passion for music with his band, Mezcal, and as a solo artist where he has had countless musical opportunities and successes.

In the early 2000s, Mezcal landed a spot on the pilot of the reality show, Next Great American Band and, though a fun opportunity, Carlos realized that he did not prefer the theatrics of television or mainstream stardom.  He committed to playing authentically and focusing solely on the music.  He and his band have played countless shows from parties, bars, to large outdoor festivals across the west coast, opening for larger names and meeting their music heroes, including members of Santana.

Despite his band’s successes, some of Carlos’ favorite performances are those with his students. He loves to watch beginning musicians grow and build confidence on the stage. As an instructor, he aims to create well-rounded musicians who are skilled at playing with others. He implements music fundamentals including notation, technique, theory, ear training, and phonetic patterns in his private lessons.  He is experienced in working with students of all ages and experience levels. In addition to his private lessons, Carlos hosts seasonal group percussion programs.

Carlos is a gifted musician and a passionate educator who is dedicated to helping his students grow and build confidence in themselves. His love for music and commitment to his students shines through in every lesson, making him a valuable asset to Grace Note Music Studio and the music community as a whole.

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