BA in Jazz Studies | Trumpet, Piano, Drums

Chase grew up in a household full of music.  His grandparents and father all played instruments and he and his siblings were encouraged to do the same.  Chase chose the trumpet as his first instrument and began lessons at the age of eight.  Two years later, he began lessons on the piano.  He played trumpet with his public school bands from 5th-12th grade, sitting first chair, and performing in TKMEA honor groups all eight years and playing in all three, marching, jazz and concert bands.  It was in high school that he developed a passion for jazz, which he would go on to study during his college years.  In addition to his music classes at school, he learned to play the drums and formed bands with friends while maintaining his piano lessons.  Immediately after graduating high school, Chase transferred to Cal State Northridge where he obtained his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies.

Attending a school with such a renowned music program as Northridge put Chase in contact with amazing opportunities and musicians.  He played in the university’s esteemed Jazz “A” band (sitting 2nd chair, trumpet), wind ensembles, jazz combos and more.  They played at famous jazz clubs and lounges in Los Angeles and toured throughout the United States and Europe.  During his time with Northridge’s jazz band, he performed at the Reno Jazz Festival and won two consecutive years.  A particularly fun memory was when he recorded in Capitol Records’ Studio A – the same studio that legendary bands, such as The Rolling Stones, recorded.  Though trumpet stole the show, Chase studied jazz piano as well at Northridge but used it more as a tool to strengthen his musicianship.  He only started to regularly perform on the piano in recent years, playing in groups and solo for events and parties.

Aside from his academic performance history, Chase is an involved and versatile musician in central California.  His band, Indosurf, has been active for 20+ years, playing local gigs and larger shows, such as The Warped Tour.  He is also the trumpet player and keyboardist for local jazz and rock band, Bigfoot & the Moon.  They play weekly at various bars, breweries, and wineries throughout California, as well as community events, private parties and weddings.  He is a member of the band, Macando, playing rock, cumbia and other latin styles.  Along with being a musician for multiple bands, Chase often plays with smaller groups and jazz duos.  He loves performing and does all that he can to challenge himself as a musician through varying genres and instruments.  Chase is well-versed in rock, alternative rock, jazz, latin, reggae, and classical styles.

As a music educator, Chase places a strong emphasis on music fundamentals.  His students are taught music theory and proper technique while building repertoire and developing personal style.  Because studying an instrument is a journey, Chase believes it is important to instill both patience and discipline in aspiring musicians.  His students can expect to work in an encouraging, positive environment backed by the expertise they need to achieve their musical goals.

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