Guitar, Ukulele

Isaac grew up listening to his grandfather playing the guitar.  Inspired by his grandpa’s love for the instrument, he picked up the guitar at an early age.  The instruction from his cousins combined with his ambition and determination led Isaac to becoming a guitarist at the young age of 14 years old.  He joined his church’s worship band, where he has continuously served as the standing guitarist.  Isaac has toured as a church group musician and has directed multiple youth guitar camp programs where he trained young musicians.

In addition to being a church guitarist, Isaac has performed for weddings, funerals, and other private events.  He enjoys playing a variety of styles including contemporary Christian, blues, blues rock, pop rock and classic rock.  As an instructor, it is Isaac’s goal to instill a passion for music in his students.  Isaac has a genuine love for music education and wants to see fellow musicians achieve their goals while helping them every step of the way.  He encourages beginning students to dive into the world of music, promising that “the more time you put in, the easier it becomes.” (Isaac) Despite what obstacles you may face, he is determined to help guide young musicians in the right direction.  Isaac is an encouraging instructor for entry level guitarists looking to cultivate their love for music and learn proper theory and technique along the way. 

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