Voice, Piano

Abby began studying guitar at just four years old.  At age nine, she fell in love with writing music and started recording songs by the time she was eleven.  She officially began her pursuit of a professional music career in her early teens.  She studied under the guidance of her father and other influential instructors, many of which emphasized a focus on jazz theory and technique.  During her middle and high school years she was enrolled in classical guitar courses in addition to participating as a flutist in her elementary through high school bands.  

Abby trained at Berkeley College of Music in Boston where she studied voice with a private instructor and took music theory and ear training courses.  She also served two years as a member of the Maverick’s City Gospel Choir and has sang with well-known artists Crowder, Brandon Lake, Matthew West and Elevation Worship, among others.  She has released two full-length albums as well as a handful of singles and EPs.  Her most recent re-released EP, “Home for Christmas Eve”, was featured on NYC Time Square’s billboard and features cover songs as well as original music.  She also works as a part-time songwriter for the platform, Songfinch and has written 600+ custom songs.  Abby is also an avid performing musician.  She has performed at festivals throughout the midwest, including headlining a large show in Kansas City with thousands in attendance.  

As a music instructor, Abby teaches music fundamentals through student-preferred repertoire.  This helps students grow into well-rounded musicians while allowing them to develop their own musical style and tastes.  She implements elements of classical technique in her vocal lessons and places an emphasis on studying the human voice anatomically so as to get down to the basics of tone and pitch.  Lessons typically include scale work, studying music notation, building repertoire and jazz theory.  Her students study a wide range of genres such as jazz, musical theatre, and pop.  Abby reminds new students that musical abilities can be cultivated through hard work and dedication – “Where you are at now is not where you have to be!” (Abby)

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