AA in Music | Violin

Inspired by her grandmother’s antique instrument, Anne decided that the violin would be her instrument of choice.  She began playing in the fifth grade and became the concertmaster of her orchestra her freshman year of high school.  She maintained that position through her senior year.  Simultaneously, she was a member of CODA (California Orchestra Director Association) all four years as well as performed in small groups. She has traveled in a quartet, performing at various house-shows and restaurants, and is a violinist for local weddings and events.  She received her Associates of Arts degree in music from College of the Sequoias and is an active violinist for the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra.

Anne’s teaching style involves well-structured lessons with an emphasis on music theory.  She believes it is fundamental that the student be able to understand the language of music.  Her lessons include understanding and exercising scales, note-reading, proper technique and building repertoire.  She often incorporates studying duets with her students so that they learn to play different roles with their instrument and can effectively play with fellow musicians.  Her curriculum is tailored to the individual – various method books, sheet music and exercises are available to best fit the need of the student.

In her free time, Anne enjoys studying classical pieces and performing worship music for her church.  When asked why she chose to pursue music as a career, she said that nothing has ever made her feel the way playing violin has.  She encourages every person to study an instrument as it is a form of science, history, physical education, a foreign language, and of course, an art.  “Music is in everything around us.  Studying it connects so many of the world’s subjects into one – plus it’s gorgeous!”  (Anne) Whether you’re a student interested in advancing your knowledge or a beginner looking for a new challenge, Anne is an incredibly patient and determined instructor who is committed to helping her students flourish. 

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