BA in Piano Performance | Piano

Ben showed a natural love for music at an early age.  His earliest memories include pacing up and down in front of the family piano begging to hear his favorite songs.  Following up on his obvious interest, his parents enrolled him in private piano lessons at the age of five. He continued playing throughout his childhood and teen years – one memorable performance being his high school graduation.  Ben says that music helped him through rough patches and built up his confidence.  Due to his skill level and love for the instrument, he decided to pursue music professionally and obtained his degree in Piano Performance from Cornell College.  During his time in college, Ben particularly enjoyed chamber performances; it was a unique experience being able to play such complex, interesting music in a social setting.  In addition to group performances, Ben has also performed solo at various recitals and events.  

As a piano instructor, Ben believes finding a student’s internal motivation is one of the most important factors.  His classes are paced to always ensure forward momentum that keeps students engaged and encouraged.  When studying with Ben, students can expect to learn proper music theory, technique and develop their musical style and aesthetic.  “It’s about finding what really speaks to them.” (Ben).  Ben is a well-trained and talented pianist who can guarantee his students the encouragement and music education that they deserve. 

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