BA in Piano Performance | Mandolin, Piano

Jacob is a multi-talented musician who received his BA in Composition from Fresno Pacific University, with a focus on exploring a variety of instruments. Throughout his college years, Jacob honed his skills on instruments such as the violin, piano, and bass, with a special affinity for the piano. He also mastered the banjo and mandolin, showcasing his versatility and passion for music.

Jacob has spent a decade as the accompanist for Mt. Whitney High School and currently serves a classroom music instructor for the Cutler-Orosi school district.  His dedication to music education shines through in his teaching of grades K-8, inspiring young minds to explore the world of music. Outside of the classroom, Jacob is an active musician in the community, and has done everything from play fiddle and banjo in an Irish band to keys for a Latin music group. He is a regular performer at churches and musicals, sharing his love for music with audiences far and wide.

Jacob’s passion for music extends beyond his professional life, as he enjoys listening to instrumental music, folk music, and African choral music in his free time. He is a strong advocate for music education and encourages all students to pursue their musical interests, reminding them that the joy of playing an instrument far outweighs the regrets of not doing so. Jacob’s dedication to music and his community is evident in all aspects of his life, making him a valued and respected member of the musical community.

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