Studio Coordinator

Jordan serves as the dedicated studio manager and coordinator of Grace Note Music Studio. She takes great pride in organizing student recitals, community events, and managing the busy schedules of both our students and instructors. Jordan’s passion for music education is evident in her work, and her ultimate goal is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for everyone at the studio.

As a student of music herself, Jordan understands the importance of fostering a supportive learning environment. She is always open to new ideas and collaborations, seeking ways to improve the studio and provide the best experience possible for all involved. Jordan’s favorite aspect of her job is witnessing the growth and development of both students and instructors as they hone their craft and have fun in the process.

When she is not hard at work at the studio, Jordan enjoys spending time cooking, caring for her pets, and traveling. She is currently pursuing a degree in literature and culture, further expanding her knowledge and passion for the arts. Jordan is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful music community at Grace Note, where she can continue to share her love for music with others.