Guitar, Ukulele

Growing up, Thomas always wanted to be a guitarist.  Like many, he would pick up the guitar off and on many times over the years never ended up progressing as quickly as he wanted. It wasn’t until well into his adult life that he decided to give the guitar another try. This time around, he knew not to become frustrated when it wasn’t an overnight success, and grew to appreciate the patience and discipline that is developed through the learning-process. Once he had a firm grasp on the fundamentals, he began studying complex classical and flamenco styles, working independently and under accomplished Spanish guitarist, Peter Orozco Corrall. Thomas has now been playing the guitar for 25 years.  He has opened for larger names, such as Richard Smith, but prefers the more intimate setting of coffeehouses and private parties. He enjoys writing original music and has recorded two albums under the performing name, “Slugfingers”. 

Studying guitar as an adult has given Thomas an advantage in being able to communicate his knowledge to students of all ages. While children are more likely to naturally absorb information, adult minds are already fully-developed and require different methods of learning. For the past ten years, Thomas has taught acoustic and electric guitar to students from ages 5 to 70 and has volunteered as an instructor for programs that aid the mentally-disabled.  As a foundation, students will be taught basic music theory and how to play principle chords while building a repertoire of familiar pieces and developing their own styles. Thomas believes in the musical ability of every individual and is committed to helping his students fully understand how to use the guitar as a tool for self-expression. 

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